1. Focus on the “Why”

What you decide to do will be irrelevant, if you don’t have a very good reason as to why you are doing it. New Year's Resolutions at BukovinaTruly spend some time thinking about this. Why do you want to lose weight, or eat better, or whatever??? How would it make you feel if you did accomplish your goal? Once you realize that your actual goal is to feel a certain way, focus on that feeling, and let your actions follow the feeling. Heck, you may even find other activities that weren’t in your original plan that will also enhance that feeling, and your goal.

2. Start Small

You do NOT have to do it all at once!!! For example – If you are someone who has never worked out at the gym before, start with only 1 day a week, instead of 5. If you want this to become a new habit, your body needs time to adapt. Jumping in full-force can be painful and stressful, which is more likely to lead to you quitting.

3. It’s a Journey, Not a Destination

Think of your resolution as a goal. You wouldn’t train to run a marathon by starting with a 26.2 mile-run so why try to do the same with your resolution? Whether your plan is to lose weight or organize your house, enjoy every moment along the way until you actually get to your goal.

4. Practice Lenience

New habits take practice and repetition. If you make a mistake, or fall off of the proverbial horse, GREAT! This is something you can learn from so that you can do it differently the next time. Give yourself a break! Laugh when you goof up! And then try it again!

Remember that if this is truly something you want to accomplish, then you WILL!!! I believe in you!