Today was a wonderfully horrible day.Chelsea's Retirement Day

Today was what we are calling “Chelsea’s Retirement Day.”

I’ve been so so blessed to have worked with Chelsea for the last 6 years, and boy have we been through a lot together. As we spent the afternoon chatting like old friends, I was reminded of how well she knows me, and how much I adore her.

That said, it is time for her to move on in her life. What will she do next? While I can’t say exactly, I sure hope it has to do with cooking!! Between the new possibilities in her life and her continued care-taking of her grandmother, there is no doubt she will be busier than ever. Looking ahead and remembering back…this is the “wonderful” part of the day.

The “horrible” part is that we are saying goodbye. We will always be friends, but I won’t see her smiling face when she walks into the office anymore.


So, for now we smile. We say, “Cheers” (probably with a glass of wine). And we wish Chelsea a