A good friend of mine showed me a picture of a sign that said something to the effect of, “I have CDO. Perfection in a SunsetIt’s similar to OCD, but with the letters in the correct order.” It, of course, made me laugh, and then it made me think. When I decided to take on this challenge of writing 30 blogs in 30 days, I knew I’d have to let go of a lot of my perfections. It was part of what I was looking forward to. Don’t edit (too much), Don’t change anything. Think from my heart and just write. This is NOT normal for me. I would edit something to the point where it was not only dead, but resurrected and dead again. Imagine how fun it was to read those posts.

As nice as it is to purposefully let go, I also kinda miss those perfections. They are part of what makes me who I am. They are part of why I always to strive to do better. So, I’ve decided to change my perspective. I’ve realized that my perfection can be limitless. I can be as perfect in my mistakes as I am in my triumphs. I can quite perfectly spill juiced kale all over myself. And I can quite perfectly help someone with insomnia sleep peacefully. I was a perfect mess when I attempted to do that thing in yoga where you squat kinda like a frog, then jump up like you’re going to do a handstand (and, yes, it was as much of a horrible disaster as you are currently picturing in your mind ;-)). But then I can quite perfectly make a Diamond Sword birthday cake.

So, it can be easy to find the perfection in slipping on the ice and watching my pride fall to the ground, along with everything in my hands. Can it be as easy in more challenging situations? What about when I have to leave someone I love, whether it is for a short time, or in a more permanent situation like after death? Or when someone comes to me with an incurable disease and looks longingly at me for MY help? Or when a child struggles with something painful and I simply can’t help? My question for you is this: How can you find more perfection in your day? What is one thing that happens to you regularly that you could shift your perspective on? Keep your eyes open and find one tiny thing today that aggravates you, that is actually absolutely perfect.