How will you choose to remember your day? Sometimes it is soooooooo easy to focus on the negative. For me this is 6_year_old_Supermanespecially easy when I haven’t slept well and have too much to do. Today was no exception, however, the to-do list got pushed aside for the pleasure of spending time with 2 boys and their dad. Yeah, I kinda love them. And, wow! They are the definition of “boys”!

My day started with:

  • cold water dumped on my head, while I was in the shower,
  • more dishes than one meal could possibly make,
  • a paper airplane thrown into my hair,
  • and my sore toe stepped on.
  • And did I mention the cold water?

But then I got to:

  • watch a child throw a frisbee with gleeful perfection
  • be surprised as a 6-year-old used the words echolocation and nocturnal
  • hold the hand of someone I love
  • overhear a child secretly practicing his big brother’s spelling word to a cute little tune (s.o.l.u.t.i.o.n).
  • win and lose and win and lose at Rock Paper Scissors
  • have a child climb on my lap on the swing, then lay all the way back so we could watch the sky
  • watch Superman leap over one of those red, cement Target balls in a single, well, maybe a couple of bounds
  • feel a loving hand on the small of my back
  • catch a glimpse of a bald eagle flying over the lake, directly at our house
  • smile from the inside every time I heard “Cari, Watch Me!”
  • drink coffee from a red cup that says “Love” on it
  • see the look of feeling cared for, as I rubbed my sweetheart’s feet
  • watch the wonder in their eyes as dad reads to them
  • kiss 3 sweet faces goodnight
  • and so, so much more!

What cold water?