Hi Everybody,

Interesting news? A study just came out that supports everything I believe about Vitamin D is helpful for your immune system!

In the study, they showed a few things:

1. A MUCH higher percentage of patients with severe COVID has low Vitamin D when compared to those with mild cases.
2. Low Vitamin D was correlated with higher rates of hospitalization and mortality
3. But low vitamin D did not increase a person’s risk of getting COVID.

AND, the study used a level of 20ng/ml as the “low” mark!!!

Some of you know this from years of working with me, but in my mind, 20 is not just “low”, it is EXTREMELY low. I think 60-80 is actually healthy, and that is what I strive for.

Vitamin D could be helping with COVID in a few different ways. It could be it’s anti-inflammatory effects, and it could be it’s immune-enhancing effects.

Personally, I think it’s both.

Food for thought, but Vitamin D levels tend to drop in the darker months of the year. We need sunlight for our bodies to make vitamin D, so when we don’t have as much sunlight, nor spend as much time in it, our levels drop.

Our levels also drop when we have more stress. I think of it as if we are using it up because our bodies are using it to help us counteract stress.

Just curious to me, that during these darker, more stressful months, the numbers of COVID infections are skyrocketing.

So, this is great news because these are things you can do something about!!!

If you haven’t done it lately, consider getting your Vitamin D levels checked!

If it is helpful, here is a blog I wrote on ways to naturally get more Vitamin D🙂

And, do something to give yourself a break this holiday season. Take a bath. Read a book. Go for a walk or hike. Play cards with your kids. Sit on the floor with your dog. Cook your food with patience and love. Take slow breaths. And, hug whoever is in your inner circle!!!

Thinking of you all, and wishing you a safe holiday season!
Dr. Cari