I switched from PC to Mac quite a few years ago. I guess you could say it was a family affair. My brother switched. My dad switched. Then I switched. For me, it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made when it comes to computers. I used to spend hours, and sometimes days, trying to figure out what went wrong with my PC. That exasperating time has been reduced to minutes, which is why is still completely throws me for a loop when something on my Mac isn’t working correctly.

As I sat down to write tonight, my MacBook was making a sound as if a teeny, tiny mouse was jogging (definitely not the pace of a full run) on a wheel, powering my computer from the inside. After a moment of trying not to panic, I did what every good computer owner has been Pavlovian-ly trained to do. I turned it off, and back on again. You can imagine my shock at the fact that the darn noise never stopped.

Stuck in a bit of a quandary, I turned off Pavlov for a minute, and decided to think. It sounded as if a tiny computer part was rattling up against another. Logically, I did what every good computer owner knows never to do. I shook it! Lo and behold! It is noise-free and functioning perfectly.

My point in telling you all of this, is that it made me realize something. Sometimes life is going along just fine. It isn’t broken. It doesn’t need hours of stressful maintenance. However, something is slightly off and banging against something else. Even though we have been taught to be understanding, and not sweat the small stuff, sometimes we really do need to shake things up!

It can be something huge, or something small, but think about it. What is one thing that you could do today to shake things up, so that your life has a little less of that annoying rattle in it? Could you go for a jog? Try a new food? Sit and read a book for a few minutes? Connect with an old friend? Smile at a stranger? Climb a Mountain?

Please tell me what YOU will do TODAY to SHAKE IT UP! I would Love Love Love to hear about it!