Each year I spend time reflecting on the year and everything I am truly grateful for. The thing I am most grateful for Turkey Treatsis that that list is endless. This year I hope you’ll bear with me as I share with you the things I am NOT thankful for.

I am not thankful for:

  • Neruoblastomas in little girls
  • The fact that dogs die
  • Being alone on a birthday
  • Car crashes
  • Headaches
  • The fear of being shot that keeps children from going to school
  • Cancer
  • Lack of trust
  • Kids that don’t feel safe
  • The monster that still lives in the closet (yes, I still need to have the closet doors closed so I can sleep)
  • Feeling like I’ve failed
  • Laying awake all night, wishing for sleep
  • Preventable diseases
  • Crevasses
  • Feeling Fat
  • Malaria
  • The fact that I can’t fix everything
  • People who would make amazing parents, but can’t bear children
  • And did I mention the fact that I can’t fix everything?

And, of course, the real reason I’m sharing these things is that I would NOT TRADE any of them. It is because of these that I am sooooooo thankful every day for everything in my life. Think about it. What horrible things have happened in your life that you literally wouldn’t be the same without. Oh, how to be grateful for icky things.