The same woman has curiously shown up in my life every week for the last month. Perhaps it’s the physical Playing the Clarinettherapist in me, but I am fascinated by the way people move. After watching a few of this woman’s movements, I was certain that, “this woman used to be a dancer”. I really don’t want this next part to sound rude, but need to be honest so you’ll get my point. et me physically describe this woman for you. She is about 5’5”, probably in her late 60’s, and may be about 40 pounds overweight. She does not exhibit the expected physique of a dancer, but I’m SURE she “used to be”, just by the way she holds herself, and the way she moves.

My point is not to judge or criticize any of us for not being in some sort of physical condition that we used to be. My point is that it made me wonder. When did she stop being a dancer?

We all “used to be” so many things. As kids, we used to be dreamers, dancers, musicians and inventors , but what about the things we “were” as adults? Does an educator stop being a teacher the minute she leaves the classroom to do her research? Does a doctor cease to be a healer the minute she leaves her practice? Does a football player stop being an athlete when he doesn’t play in the NFL any more?

Who told us that we are no longer something?  Father Time? No one? So, if we were not truly banned from being it,
why can we not still?

I have realized and decided that I am not willing to give things up simply because time decided that I “used to be” them.

It’s a day to make a declaration. I am STILL:

a musician (like my amazing nephew who is now playing my old clarinet!!)

a dancer

a girl who loves to play

a teacher

and a truster of my intuition.

What are you STILL, that a false story told you you could no longer be?