You know you live withe a Naturopathic Doctor when:

  1. You eat a food you are sensitive to, and your housemate hands you a digestive enzyme and some Fish Oil before Beerglutamine.
  2. Your wine always comes with a side of Molybdenum
  3. When you splurge on organic, free-range chicken and dairy-free cheese, and she makes kale chips, so you have “something green” with your meal
  4. You laugh at all of the silly things you do, that you KNOW make you feel better
  5. After 1 night of not sleeping well, you come home to an epsom salt bath, and a magnesium/theanine “cocktail”
  6. You son will NEVER ask to play hooky again, under the threat of having to get a therapeutic IV
  7. You can never again say “I just don’t feel well” without 400 follow-up questions that lead to a diagnosis AND treatment.
  8. Bowel Movement quality is a normal part of your breakfast conversation
  9. Instead of taking your possibly-pregnant turtle to the vet, you google “How to be a Turtle’s Midwife”
  10. Your BIonicles can no longer be pigeon-toed, because they will receive proper adjustments and realignment techniques.
  11. You can literally hear their eyes roll at the inaccuracies when you watch Grey’s Anatomy.
  12. You pour Fish Oil and B-vitamins into your mouth, and then you reach for a beer.