I was leaving Costco today (yup, I was one of those crazy people who went to Costco on a Friday afternoon, not long before Christmas), and the guy who checked my receipt asked how my day was going. I replied with, “pretty darn good. Yours?” His reply???? “Great! Living the life!” But this was not tongue-in-cheek, this was true! He did not say this with sarcasm or an air of ignorance. It felt like he meant it.

Okay, so I admit that it would be hard for me to say that I was “living the life” if I was working at Costco. Not because I am arrogantly better than that, I simply don’t believe that is my path to helping people. However, what if it was my path? Could I see it? Could I be that genuine about appreciating it?

I believe we all have a path. Is is something we choose, or something that chooses us? And if it chooses us, can we, not only accept it, but truly appreciate it??

I guess I’m trying to look beyond the obvious. We have many roles in our lives. Some of these feel like we are on our paths, whether it is our path as an entrepreneur, a parent, a spouse, a friend… But what about those roles that are not as obvious? How about the role of student, whether we are learning from a certified teacher or a child? What about the role of kind-hearted, whether toward your best friend or a starving person on the street? And the role of guest, whether in someone else’s home or someone else’s heart?

Can we truly appreciate and be grateful, even happy about each of the roles in our lives?

I went to the hardware store for the umpteenth time today, as I worked on one supposedly simple project at my office. I’m not a contractor, I’m a doctor. I was a little grumpy, but after my interaction with the Costco Guy, I’m pretty darn happy about my honorary role as contractor for a day. And, I must say, that my tincture wall is pretty darn cute 🙂

What other roles can we change our perspective on? First see it as simply a new role in your life instead of a burden. Then Love on it, as you would a new puppy. See how it changes your perspective as well as your performance!