I just saw a turtle standing on her back tippy toes! Her belly was pressed up against the glass, with her front feetTurtle reaching up, spread eagle. I don’t think she was too happy about the tank-cleaning process that was going on around her. As soon as the water was replaced, the light was turned back on, and her 3 pet fish were returned to her tank, she settled down.

It has me thinking about how I manage my own health. Why is is that I wait until I am uncomfortable to reach for something new? It seems to be human nature to let pain be our instigation for change. It’s like the football player who leads his team to win the Super Bowl, then continues playing for 4 more years as his prime fades away. Only then will he quit and try something new. It is really hard to quit when things are going well, but do we really have to wait until things are so bad that we have no choice but to change?

If you are like me, let me know. I’ll gladly come and drain your tank, remove your pets and let you try to climb out of your tank. OR, we could try to find an easier way together. Join me. What is one thing that is going well with your health? How can you feed it today, to make sure it is there for you tomorrow?

One thing I’m doing for all of us is putting together a cleanse to do in January! I can’t wait to share it with you 🙂