So this Coronavirus situation is changing so fast that it’s hard to keep up.

Up in Washington, our schools are got closed for at least 6 weeks, and I know we aren’t the first, nor will we be the last. 

It’s all very interesting for me to watch. Some people are panicking, overwhelming our stores and our hospitals. Some people are ignoring the fact that there is any risk, so are changing nothing about their habits. Others are calmly and carefully taking precautions and being proactive.

I just wanted to check in and remind you of a few things:


    1. Washing your hands with soap FAR supersedes the effectiveness of hand sanitizer. And, using hand sanitizer FAR supersedes doing nothing.

***Interesting fact – in a study on preventing Influenza A, hand washing out-performed the vaccine. I am only telling you this to drive home the fact that washing your hands is WAY more important than you can imagine! And, now I’ll be quiet about that 😉

    1. Do NOT believe anyone who tells you they have a cure. There is always someone willing to take advantage of people in times like this. If you read something, or hear something and you want to run it by me, PLEASE do!
    2. Naturopathic Medicine DOES have amazing things that are anti-viral and immune-boosting that can be incredibly helpful.


    1. If you have mild symptoms, please take care of yourself and stay home! Our hospitals are already having difficulties managing serious cases. Rushing in because you have a cough will only make things worse! Call me, or the nurse hotline if you are not sure whether you should go in
    2. While we are still learning about the transmission of the virus, we know for certain that you CAN spread this virus, when you have NO symptoms. Keeping your social distance is only partly about protecting you. If you have a strong immune system, though, distance is more about protecting the people who don’t.

***Help where you can! We have asked my in-laws not to go to the stores any more. We will do their shopping for them, protect ourselves, and deliver what they need, while maintaining a bit more distance so as not to expose them unknowingly.


    1. Support your immune system!
      1. Drink Water!!! Simple, yet effective
      2. Avoid, or at least lessen, alcohol intake
      3. Minimize sugar
      4. Eat colorful foods to get your antioxidants!
      5. If you feel like you need an extra boost, consider:
        1. Vitamin A
        2. Vitamin D
        3. Vitamin C
        4. NAC

****All of these have immune boosting properties, help to support lung tissue, or have anti-viral activities. (As I said above, nothing has been proven to kill

2.  Don’t let stress get the better of you!!!

Stress can have a significantly negative impact on your immune system.

What can you do to de-stress?

**take a walk?

**listen to an uplifting podcast?

**take a bath?

**learn something you’ve always wanted to learn?

**just breathe?

What works for YOU?

AND, if you need it, make sure you take your adrenal support.

Adrenal Essense is becoming one of my new favorites. It’s gentle, supportive, yet effective!

 ***I’m purposely not putting up dosing information because NOT everyone needs all of these things!

And, most of all, please be safe!!!