Wow, this one sure is getting a lot of attention, and rightfully so. This is not a bug you


want to catch. That said, there is also no reason to panic! 

Knowledge is power, so let’s make sure we all know what we are talking about, and how we can keep ourselves healthy.

The Coronavirus Disease of 2019, now affectionately called COVID-19, started with an outbreak in China, and as of today (2.26.20) there have been 14 cases in the US.

Here is a brief rundown of what you should know:

    1. The actual virus has been named SARS-CoV2
    2. It is a respiratory virus
    3. It is spread by respiratory droplets, as when someone sneezes or coughs. These droplets then need to get into you via your mouth or nose.
    4. It is possible to be spread by touching a surface that has the virus on it, although this is not it’s main way of spreading
    5. People are most contagious when they are most symptomatic, although there is the possibility of being contagious with few symptoms

You can be proactive in preventing it!

    1. WASH YOUR HANDS – I know this is so simple, but you can prevent SO many illness, just by getting those little bugs off of you.
    2. Drink water, avoid sugar, and eat your vegetables!  Keep your immune system working well by giving it what it needs, and avoiding the things that knock it down unnecessarily.
    3. Be careful when traveling on a plane! Take extra Vitamin C, avoid people who are coughing, and maybe even wear a mask.
    4. If you feel like you are getting sick, or want to have something on hand, you can always take anti-viral supplements. Here are some of my favorites:
      1. V-Clear – homeopathic that is easy to take, and great for anyone who doesn’t want to take another pill. Also great for kids
      2. Biocidin – this is an amazing, all-around, “bug-killer”. It can be taken orally, or even put into a 
      3. Olivirex or OliveDefense – My favorite ‘anti-virals’. You can start taking them the minute you feel symptoms coming on, and head them off at the pass!

Of course, if you have other questions, please let me know!

In the meantime, let’s stay healthy!!!