Have you heard the new report that Lyme Disease rates are 10 times higher than previously reported? I just want you to realize that nothing has changed. Lyme disease isn’t any more prevalent or any more of a risk than it was in the past.

What happened? The CDC realized that many cases of Lyme disease haven’t been reported to them. The reasons for this could be a combination of things. One is that Lyme disease can be very difficult to diagnose, so it may be missed. Another is that many medical doctors didn’t believe Lyme Disease was a problem, so wouldn’t even acknowledge it, let alone test for it. And a third reason may be that the diagnosing practitioner may simply not be reporting the diagnosis to the CDC.

That said, Lyme Disease is just as damaging as it has always been, so CLICK HERE to read the Post I wrote earlier this year on how to protect yourself!