How to get your child ready for school – the health perspective!

As that time of year is quickly approaching I’m a little stunned, doesn’t it feel like summer just started?

Well, as you are planning for the big return to school, I’m sure you’re thinking about clothes, shoes, books, and other supplies. You may also be thinking about that switch back to an earlier bedtime and cutting down on the summer treats. Here are a few, simple things you can think about to help ensure your child stays healthy too.

If your child is getting a physical, as many do for sports, ask your doctor to check his or her Vitamin D levels. Just because you’ve been out in the sun all summer doesn’t mean these levels are adequate. Vitamin D is a huge part of your immune system and all you have to do to fix it is to take a little in a supplement. Plus it comes in a chocolate chewable!

Think vegetables! Yes, it’s every child’s favorite topic! Vegetables are loaded with the nutrients we all need to keep our immune systems in tip-top shape. Try to think of creative ways to get them in. You can put a high quality greens powder in a smoothie with dark berries. You can even slice up kale into tiny pieces and hide it in meatloaf.

And lastly, as much as you may not want to talk about it, you need to know how often your child poops. The goal is to have a bowel movement at least once a day. I think I’ve ,entwined this before, but remember that this is your body’s way of taking out the trash. If that stuff stays inside for too long, not only will your child get tummy-aches, but it will also lower their immune defenses. And, we all know how fun it was to have to poop when you’re at school, so many kids end up ‘holding it’. Try to make sure they ‘go’ before they go.