It’s hard enough to figure out what to feed ourselves, now-a-days, so I totally understand the confusion around howBaby Food to introduce solid foods to your infant.

2 Common Misconceptions and my Opinions:

  1. The most common recommendation to start with is rice cereal. This is baffling to me. Rice is inherently constipating for children. Plus, it has little to no nutritional value!
  2. Cow’s milk is recommended as a substitute for the mother’s breast milk. Cow’s milk is designed to turn baby calves into 1500 pound cows. Okay, aside from that, our bodies don’t fully develop the enzymes to digest dairy until we are 2 years old. Giving dairy products to a child before they can digest them has the potential to lead to life-long allergies, asthma and eczema. Dairy is also inflammatory and has been proven to be linked to childhood ear infections.

So, I’ve attached my recommendation on how to introduce foods. Of course, please take your Naturopathic Doctor’s advice over mine because they know your child, but this can be a great guideline.

 Click Here for the Food Introduction Guidelines!