Oh goodness, this year’s cold certainly comes with a cough that never ends. It has a lot of drainage, a slight fever, challenging fatigue, and this horrible cough.


If you have gotten over it quickly, awesome!


If not, and you are stuck with the lingering irritation that seems to just cause more irritation, here are a few thoughts:


  1. Make sure you are drinking a lot of water! As simple as this sounds, it really can help loosen up that mucus.
  2. Get your sleep! I know the coughing is getting in the way, but go to bed a little earlier and give yourself plenty of time to rest.
  3. Take a hot bath with Epsom Salts. The heat and steam can loosen up the mucus, and if your temperature goes up a bit, that can help kill the virus. Use 4 cups of salt per bath
  4. My favorite treatment for a stubborn cough is to get a nebulizer.

Lots of companies make these. I have really liked this one because it is sooo easy to use, plus it has the mouthpiece that goes over your nose, so you can get the treatment to both your lungs AND your sinuses




  1. Add essential oils to your nebulizer. Lots of companies make these, so pick your favorite. Here is one that I have found that works really well, and is incredibly reasonably priced!

Essential Oils for Nebulizer


6. And, lastly, I LOVE to use Glutathione in the nebulizer. This is an amazing antioxidant that not only helps break up the mucus, but actually heals the irritation that is causing the coughing.

Give my office a call if you’d like us to order it for you 🙂