For those of you that live nearby, the forest fire sure is wreaking havoc on our air quality. The mornings have been pretty bad and I hope that you are managing to avoid it as much as that is possible. But, if you are like me and you’ve realized that it is affecting you, I just wanted to share a few things that may help you feel better and stay healthier.

Avoiding the smoke is your best defense

  • Try not to exercise outside
  • Try to stay in buildings that have re-circulated or filtered air
  • Travel out of town if that is possible for you

Support your body’s ability to detoxify:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Take extra anti-oxidants like Vitamin C
  • Increase your intake of fiber
  • Consider taking milk thistle to support your liver
  • And extra fish oil to support your immune system and decrease inflammation

Please breathe gently and let us know if we can help you!!!