Oh goodness, it’s been quite a summer for poor air quality on the entire West Coast.

Please stay safe, Smoky Seattleand healthy. Here are a few things that may help.


The simple things:

Avoid being outside as much as possible, of course.

Definitely don’t exercise outside.

Use your air conditioner even if you don’t need it to keep the house cool, you can use it to filter the air.

Of course, if you have an actual air filter, you already know to use it 🙂

Drink LOTS of water to help flush out those toxins.


Other things you can do to help your lungs:

1. Steams with essential oils.

Boil water, then pour it into a bowl or sink

Cover your head and the bowl with a towel, like you’re inside a little tent

Put a few drops of peppermint and eucalyptus oil into the water.

     (Make sure to keep your eyes closed so you don’t get the oils in your eyes)

Breath in the steam!

2. Nebulized Glutathione

1. You need to get a nebulizer (you can get on on Amazon for about $30)

2. Add 1 milliliter of Glutathione to the nebulizer

3. Attach the mouthpiece and turn it on. The nebulizer will aerosolize the glutathione, so you breath it directly into your lungs.

4. If it makes you cough, that’s normal, just stop for a minute, until you stop

coughing, then re-start the machine

***Give my office a call if you’d like us to order Glutathione for you