According to all of the reports, California hasn’t been hit really hard yet. Wouldn’t it be great if weFlu | Bukovina Naturopathic Medicine | Auburn CA basically skipped this year’s flu season? Unfortunately this just won’t be true for all of us. Here are a few basic things to remember about the flu:

  1. You can be proactive
    1. Keep your immune system strong
      1. by eating your vegetables, avoiding too much sugar and getting enough rest… simple as that
    2. Avoid the bugs
      1. by washing your hands especially if you have to be around someone who is sick
    3. If you are prone to getting sick
      1. consider a Natural Flu Shot to help your immune system fight off any bug it comes into contact with
  2. If you do get sick, there are things to help fight it off
    1. The Natural Flu shot
      1. not only helps prevent the flu, but can help treat it as well
    2. Herbal anti-virals
      1. like Echinacea and Isatis
    3. The Warming Sock Treatment
    4. Vitamin C – one of your body’s best defenses against all bugs
  3. If you still are worried or need more help, call your Naturopathic Doctor 🙂