Click here to read my previous post all about Whooping Cough (formerly known as Pertussis) including a few thoughts on how to treat it. Here are jusCoughing Child | Bukovina Naturopathic Medicinet a few reminders for you.

Things you should know about pertussis:

  1. It looks like a regular cold for the first 2 weeks, so you won’t even know if you, or someone you’re around, has it.
  2. You’re only contagious before you start coughing (during the time when is think you have a cold)
  3. Vaccines do not make you immune for life
  4. Antibiotics won’t treat pertussis once you’ve started coughing

How to protect yourself and your family

  1. Avoid contact with anyone who has the symptoms of a cold
  2. Keep your immune system strong by eating your vegetables, avoiding excess sugar and getting lots of quality sleep
  3. Gargle with Epsom salts if you feel a cold coming on