If you have any interest in weight loss, you’ve likely heard of red raspberry ketones. The question is whether or not they are the miracle to weight loss that they are being touted as. The answer is yes and no.
As with anything that claims to melt fat away without any effort on your part, you should be a little skeptical. The way I understand raspberry ketones to work is by affecting other hormones in your body. They increase your levels of norepinephrine and adiponectin.
Norepinephrine is an excitatory neurotransmitter. It can increase your metabolism, so can definitely help you burn fat. Just keep in mind that it is normally kept in balance with all of your other neurotransmitters and increasing it can upset this balance. If you have a tendency for depression, anxiety or adrenal fatigue, changing your levels of norepinephrine could worsen your condition.
Adiponectin helps regulate blood sugar by affecting insulin sensitivity. And when you have higher adiponectin levels, you tend to have a lower percentage of fat. This effect can not only help you lose fat, but can be part of a plan to prevent or reverse insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.
Because the effect of raspberry ketones can be stimulating, you should take them earlier in the day so they don’t affect the hormones that help you sleep. The product we use to help boost patients’ metabolisms does contain red raspberry ketones. It also contains a combination of other natural things that promote thermogenesis, fat-burning and increased metabolism.
By far, the best effects I ever see for weight loss are from a combination of eating well, exercise and, possibly, metabolism-boosting supplements.