28 06, 2012

Does A Normal Thyroid Test Mean Normal Thyroid Function?

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Normal Thyroid tests do not mean normal thyroid function I use a thyroid blood test to make sure nothing is seriously wrong with your thyroid. After I see that your levels are "normal", then we actually go to work on getting your thyroid to function properly. Here's the deal. Your thyroid produces 2 hormones, T4 and [...]

11 05, 2012

Does Stress Cause Depression And Anxiety?

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Does stress cause depression and anxiety?  I love this topic because people often wonder how they ended up with depression. Hopefully this will shed a little light on the subject. Each of us has a group of hormones that act on our nervous systems. They're called neurotransmitters. The entire group keeps itself in balance. I picture [...]

4 04, 2012

What Are The Risks Of Erectile Dysfunction?

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Okay, here's one for the men. First of all, did you know that if your waist size is bigger than your hips, you have almost TWICE the risk of developing erectile dysfunction? (1.94 times the risk, to be exact) Does that give you a little bit more motivation to make some changes in your life? Secondly, [...]

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