The flu is a viral infection that invades your body because your immune system isn’t strong enough to quickly fight it off.

Here are some quick reminders about the things that lower your immune system, leaving you more susceptible to getting the flu:

  • Stress
  • Sugar
  • Not Sleeping well
  • Low nutrition from eating nutrient-absent foods
  • Low nutrition from an inability to absorb nutrients from your food
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Dirty Hands
  • Alcohol

And, of course, how to prevent that from happening:

  • Do your best to avoid sugar, and at the VERY least, try to have protein with any bit of sugar to try to mitigate the effect a bit.
  • Get to bed on time! And, if you have a hard time relaxing after a stressful day, take an Epsom Salt bath. Not only does this help rid your body of toxins, but it is relaxing to your muscles and can help you sleep. 4 cups of salts per bath to get a good effect.
  • Eat your vegetables (especially the dark, leafy, green ones) and chew them slowly! This sounds silly, but can make a HUGE difference in how much your body absorbs!
  • Drink Tea! Green Tea is a wonderful immune support and anti-oxidant.
  • And the obvious…
    • Drink your water, wash your hands and try not to over-indulge.